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Shenzhen-based, Hainan-oriented, Global- thought.

Visun Group, consisting of Shenzhen Visun Real Estate Group Co., Ltd and Hainan Visun Real Estate Group Co., Ltd, is founded in 1998. It has built a premium chain of tourism with projects located in the coastal areas like Shenzhen, Sanya, Haikou and Ledong. The group has been developed into a versatile operator covering tourism property development, retailing, yacht club, auto club, equestrian club, wine club, property management, sports event, cultural and leisure events.

With regard to tourism property, Visun Group is developing the Sanya Times Coast, Sanya Haitang Bay, Visun Greatland Haikou, Haikou Visun Centre. Sanya Visun Times Coast is perfectly located at the mouth of East and West River. It covers 518 acre with the construction area of around one million square meters. Visun Greatland Haikou is located in Meilan District, Haikou City. It covers an area of 7000 acre with the construction area of three million square meters. Visun Business City in Haikou will be built in the core of CBD along the Binhai Avenue, the new landmark of Haikou upon its completion.

With regard to commercial property, Visun Group has developed Visun New City Mall (which accommodates Wal-Mart) and Dameisha Outlets Village (the first outlets mall in Shenzhen) in Shenzhen. In Sanya, Visun is the developer for Commercial Center at Times Coast, with the construction area of 200,000 square meters. It has been put into operation and the Bar Street at Times Coast emerges as the star place of night life in Sanya. In Haikou, Visun is planning for the development of the first outlets park and the Visun Business City in CBD.

As for hotels, Visun has put four five-star hotels into operation in Hainan, including Sanya Eadry Resort Hotel, the first all-suite hotel in Hainan,; Haikou Visun Eadry Royal Garden Hotel, the first classical garden hotel in Hainan; Visun Royal Yacht Hotel, and the first yacht hotel in Hainan ; and Jianfengling Rainforest Valley Resort. Two other hotels are under planning, which would be located in Haikou and Sanya respectively.

With regard to yacht club, the Visun Royal Yacht Club is located in the mouth of East River and West River, the natural haven in Sanya. It has been the most influential yacht club in China after six years' development. The China Rendez-Vous has been held once a year since 2010 and has become the largest fair for yacht, business jet and luxurious lifestyle in Asia. In 2012, the Visun Royal Yacht Club has been chosen as the first Asian member of La Belle Classe Destinations by Yacht Club Monaco.

For resort and leisure life, Hainan Visun Equestrian Club Co.Ltd operates the only international equestrian club in Hainan. Visun Royal Auto Club brings the luxurious and fashionable resort experience to Hainan. Visun Royal Wine Club is dedicated to organizing wine and cigar activities for its members. In addition, Visun Group is the first company that is granted with the license for Texas hold'em poker in Hainan Province.

With 15 years' experience in operating the premium tourism, Visun Group has developed itself into the top "aircraft carrier" in recreation and resort sector in China. It strives for being the top operator in the southern China by creating an industrial chain of tourism and resort along the coastal areas of southern China.